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‘We're on the threshold of a new fusion of Eastern and Western medicine. This new period in medicine will uncover new roles for brain structures such as the cerebellum in the basic therapeutic mechanisms of acupressure and drug action. This fusion will enhance the beneficial aspects of both Eastern and Western medicine. The work of Dr. Krebs and others represents the cutting edge of this new fusion of modern Neuroscience and traditional Eastern-based methods.'

Dr Carl M. Anderson


'Our ten-year-old son was having difficulty at school and experiencing behavioural problems. He was behind in all subjects, and wasn't getting anywhere no matter how hard he tried or how much extra help he received. He had difficulty expressing himself and had several angry outbursts and he referred to himself as 'a dumb, stupid idiot', and often added 'I'm no good'. Since LEAP he is more talkative and is finding it easier to express his ideas and feelings and he now holds an expectation that he is able to achieve at school. Because of LEAP, our son now has a real chance of ongoing growth, development and change. We need to consider alternative approaches to education so the needs of all students are adequately met. We desperately need programs such as LEAP.'

Letter from parent
16 December '99

What is i-LEAP?

i-LEAP is a non-invasive, individualised program, combining Western and Eastern ideas and techniques.

It re-synchronises brain neurology to give an individual full access to their potential abilities. It can be used to correct a variety of dysfunctions or to enhance and fine tune already functional individuals by understanding how our brains engage in learning and the factors that prevent or interfere with this process.

However, the benefits of the i-LEAP program are not confined to those who suffer from learning disorders, but also for anyone wanting to achieve their full potential.

Why i-LEAP?

Learning disorders are prevalent throughout Western society and are often linked to, or are precursors to, social issues such as unemployment, substance abuse, addictions of kinds, depression, suicide and crime.

Undisputed research shows that more than
10 % of the world's population suffer from a learning difficulty of which 4% are serious enough to be classified as disabled, although the benefits of the i-LEAP program are not confined to those suffering from learning disorders.

Disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactivity, Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia are caused by 'blockages' in the brain, which occur when access is prevented to or between specific subconscious functions. Severe learning difficulties occur when there are both 'blocks' within specific functions and blocked integration between functions. I-LEAP provides not just symptom management but comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

Who is i-LEAP for?

Children and adults with

• Dyslexia
• Learning Difficulties
• Dyspraxia
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Lack of self esteem & confidence
• Reading & writing difficulties
• Poor reading & maths abilities
• Emotional problems (frustration, depression & aggressive behaviour)
• Poor or lack of concentration
• Poor memory
• Fears such as fear of failure, public speaking etc.

and anyone wanting to reach their potential whatever their age.

The i-LEAP Foundation

I-LEAP is registered in the UK as a charity whose aims are to raise money to enable the development of this work to continue and expand .....

Charity Trustees:

Viscountess Marina Cowdray
Mrs Para Hamilton
Ms Debbie Moore

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About Us...

Charles T. Krebs PhD developed the Learning Enhancement Acupressure program (LEAP). He has been working worldwide with the application of muscle biofeedback and acupressure techniques to correct specific learning problems for over 20 years, helping many people to fulfil their true potential and thus changing their lives. Charles’ background is in science, both as research scientist and university lecturer, with over twenty years of clinical experience. He is also the author of two books, “A Revolutionary Way of Thinking” and “Nutrition for the Brain”.

Andrea and Karl Hahn. Founders and teachers of Linzer Lernzentorm - a special tutoring school for children and adults with learning difficulties and attention deficit syndrome in Linz, Austria since 1981. Both have received training from all leading Kinesiologists, especially Dr. Charles Krebs. They are authors of the book “Der Geniefactor-durch Frueherkennung zum vollen potenzial.” Andrea Hahn co-developed the special LEAP learning workshop and the two year integrated professional Kinesiology training in Austria. Andrea teaches and lectures in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the UK. The late Prof. Mag. Karl Hahn had 30 years experience as a grammar school teacher and Kinesiologist.

Dr Shabir Pandor MFGDP MFHom Dip Homotox trained as a dental surgeon and has been in clinical practice for over 28 years. He has an interest in biological dentistry together with homeopathy, homotoxicology, acupuncture and an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Shabir is associated with the world organisation of Natural Medicine Practitioners and the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, and lectures internationally.